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HVAC Design and Industrial Approaches with CAD and BIM integrated Course


BIMIT is offering a Full fledged Training program on HVAC Design integrated with CAD and BIM application - which the best program available in the industry at an affordable cost. The Design topics are detailed with an industrial approaches,  help students to get the right context. 


Contents in Brief:-


1.      HVAC Design details


2.      Industry Approaches


3.      MEP drawings using AutoCAD 2D Drafting 


4.      HVAC  System design using Revit MEP


5.      Plumbing Systems using Revit MEP


6.      Piping Systems using Revit MEP


7.      Fire Fighting Systems using Revit MEP.



Detailed Description of Topics  


1.      HVAC Design Details


·         HVAC Design Fundamental's


·         International Standards and Symbols


·         Design Methodology and Calculations


·         Types of AC Systems


·         Types of HVAC units (window/split, PKU, FCU&AHU, Chillers)


·         Duct design calculations and Terminal selections


·         HVAC Equipments and Duct Layout


2.      Industrial Approach to HVAC


Ø  Duct Insulation and Supports


Ø  Humidification & Dehumidification


Ø  Refrigerant and Drain Piping




Ø  Winter cooling system


Ø  Chilled water piping and Cooling Towers


Ø  Piping in HVAC


3.      AutoCAD 2D Drafting with MEP Drawings


·         Creating Basic Drawings


·         Using Layers and Blocks.


·         Adding Annotations


·         Using External References


·         Working with Tables and Attributes.


·         Preparing Architectural Drawings


·         Working with HVAC drawings


·         Linking an Architectural Drawing


·         Piping Schematic Diagrams


·         Plumbing Drawings


4.      Revit Essentials and work flow basics


5.      Creating an Architectural Design


6.      Linking and Coordination


7.      HVAC  System design using Revit MEP


8.      Plumbing Systems using Revit MEP


9.      Piping Systems using Revit MEP


10.  Fire Fighting Systems using Revit MEP


11.  Documentation in Revit


12.  Family creation in Revit.


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