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CAD & BIM Training Courses for :

  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Civil Engineers
  • Surveyors & Land Deve
  • HVAC Design and Industrial Approaches with CAD and BIM integrated Course
  • CATIA Training with Dassault Certifications in association with ASTRAL Informatics (P) Ltd
  • BIMIT Online Classes
  • Online Courses on Autodesk BIM 360 Glue

Online Training Programs

BIMIT is offering Instructor-led online program to Engineering Students and Professionals. These programs are designed to equip yourself to prepare for the future and build a career. The sessions are handled by Autodesk Certified Instructors and offering professional training at an affordable price and at convenient slots.

How this Training Program works?

The Student is connected to the instructor through online teaching platform. There is a two way Audio – Video communication established in the beginning of the training program. The lessons are explained using respective Autodesk Software application by sharing the screen of the instructor to the student. For each session, an appropriate Activity will be carried out by the student and the instructor will review the activity and proceed to the next session.

Additional Workouts will be issued for the students on the particular topic. The doubts can be post to the instructor on the same day by email, and solutions will be provided on the next session.

One Hour Session normally provide One hour Lecture and Demonstration. The modules syllabus will be shared in advance to the students. There can be slight variations for the length of the session. The courses are listed with suggested duration and recommended topics. Additional topics can be covered in additional sessions. The module contents, proposed for the length of the session hours, will be shared in advance to the session.

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What are the pre requisites for the student to join in this program.

The student is required a good computer with a configuration matching to the program selected. The next important requirement is a good internet connectivity for the online training and to download the necessary software. Trainings are offered at a predefined schedule convenient to both the instructor and Student. Instructors speak English or Malayalam, but prefer to use English as the teaching language.

How do I join for the Course?

Interested student can email their details (name, Email id, Whatsapp contact, Course Selected) to the mentioned email id. There will be a confirmation from the Customer support and multiple Time slots will be offered. Once the time slot confirmed, an invoice will be raised from the Customer support and the student is asked to remit the payment through online banking apps or NEFT transfer.

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How to Contact us?

You can speak to our customer Support manager :- 9061 284 284
You can whatsapp to our office whatsapp :- 9061 274 274
You can email to us
Any technical Asssistance :- Send Whats app to 93881 22704 or email to

Important Note while remitting Payments:-

The Course fee shall be remitted to the bank account raised in the Invoice bill only. No other bank accounts shall be used to remit the payments.

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