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AutoCAD - Mastering 3D Modelling and Rendering

Course description

This course covers the AutoCAD 3d modelling features and visualisation techniques  by exploring the fundamental concepts and workflows for creating 3D models using AutoCAD®, making use of hands-on exercises representing real-world, industry-specific design scenarios.

Students will learn about 3D conceptualisation using solid, surface and mesh models, and the recommended practices for evolving those into composite models.

  • The tools and concepts of free-form organic modelling.
  • Presenting designs while they are still being created using visualisation tools such as visual styles, model walk and fly through, materials and lighting.
  • Outputting 3D models from AutoCAD to either paper or a distributable, electronic version.


To teach the fundamental concepts and workflows for creating 3D models using AutoCAD, including:

  • Creating a rough design using solid primitives, solid or surface models from cross-sectional geometry, or composite models from multiple solid models.
  • Completing a solid model design by adding the necessary features to detail, duplicate and position 3D models.
  • Creating free-form, organically shaped mesh models using sub-d mesh modelling tools, and converting them to solids or surfaces for additional modelling operations.
  • Converting 2D objects to 3D objects.
  • Documenting a 3D design by creating 2D drawings for production and visualisation.
  • Communicating design ideas using visual styles, lights, model walk-through tools and renderings.

Who should attend?

Users who are familiar 2D drawing techniques in AutoCAD who want to create 3D models of their designs.


  • Delegates should have a working knowledge of:
  • Create and editing basic AutoCAD objects.
  • Working with layouts.
  • Microsoft® Windows®.

Course Outline

  • View setting and UCS
  • Surface Modeling
  • Boolean Operations
  • 3D Modelling
  • Modelling Workflow
  • Editing Models
  • Downstream Uses for Your Digital Prototype
  • Projections
  • Sectioning a Model and Creating Drawings
  • Visualization


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